The Secret of St Kilda

A supernatural thriller audio drama
How far would you go to escape your demons?

Semi-transparent logo of a Scottish dagger with THE SECRET OF ST KILDA in grey and red text over it

It begins, as terrible things often do, with a knife…After a few months assimilating to island life on St Kilda, Lockie MacGregor is deemed worthy of truly becoming a member of Dubrach’s family. However, with not everyone on the island convinced of his worth Lockie finds just making it to the ceremony an incredible challenge.There’s no change without sacrifice, and life on this secluded isle is about to change irrevocably.TranscriptContent Warnings:
Ritual sacrifice
Discussions of death and dying
Discussions of chronic conditions
Sounds of pain and distress
Sounds of struggling
Dangerous heights
General warning for cult indoctrination

After a difficult ceremony on the the island, Lauchlan MacGregor is beginning to wonder if he's bit off more than he can chew.
Can he learn to live their strange way of life? Or will the weight of his secrets on these already tenuous friendships be too much to bear?
TranscriptContent Warnings:
Burning alive
Discussions of chronic conditions
Political malpractice
Sounds of pain and illness
References to parental neglect

With the Priestess Andromeda out of action, Lockie is at the whim of the village and worse, Mathias. Will the friends that he’s made so far be enough to save him or will the call of his past drag him back into the dark?TranscriptContent Warnings:
Implied/referenced murder
Sounds of struggling and distress
Political malpractice
Death threats
Discussions of housing insecurity
General warning for cult indoctrination

After rescuing him from Mathias’s clutches, Andromeda decides to show Lockie why he was really brought to St Kilda, though once again things take a turn for the worst. With his relationship with Wee Mary remaining frosty, Lockie takes some time to bond with some of the other island residents, much to Mathias’ distaste.TranscriptContent Warnings:
Hallucinogenic drug use
Discussions of illness
Discussions of death
Strained familial relations
Sounds of pain and suffering
General warning for cult indoctrination
Sound effects: Insect wings, Sudden loud noise, Ringing

As Andromeda, Lockie, and Niyathi continue to unravel secrets about Andromeda’s lineage, Angelique and Wee Mary discuss the morality of selling cat food to a traitor, and the sexual appeal of promiscuous priests. Meanwhile, an unexpected visitor makes his way to St Kilda…TranscriptContent Warnings:
Discussions of chronic conditions
Discussions of deaths of family members
SFW discussions of NSFW content
Threats of violence
Gun use
General warning for cult indoctrination

Returning home after the perfect day, Lockie finds his past waiting for him. Will he finally confront the past that pushed him to St Kilda, or will he and Wee Mary pay the ultimate price?TranscriptContent Warnings:
Threats of violence
Deceit and manipulation
Gun use
Discussions of chronic condition
Discussions of death
Character death
General warning for cult indoctrination

Niyathi arrives to collect Lockie for their crypt-robbing caper, but will he be there to greet her, or does he need a grave of his own? Another piece of the puzzle falls into place for Andromeda’s curse.TranscriptContent Warnings:
Gun shot
Character death
Discussions of death and the afterlife
Desecration of remains
Excessive alcohol consumption

After the events of last week, things can only get better, right? However, when his past comes knocking, will Lockie be man enough to face his estranged daughter? Or will the ties to his new friends put too much pressure on an already strained relationship?TranscriptContent Warnings:
Physical violence
Verbal threat
Unhealthy familial relationships
Discussions of death
Unsafe extreme sport practises
General warning for cult indoctrination

With her beloved island community beginning to unravel, Andromeda is forced to make a difficult decision. Still bruised from Amy’s parting words, the island ladies take Lockie under their wing for some much needed downtime. And Mathias takes desperate action…TranscriptContent Warnings:
Sounds of pain and distress
Unwanted romantic advances
Major character death
General warning for cult indoctrination

As Andromeda’s condition continues to deteriorate, the rest of the islanders take part in a scavenger hunt that they hope will lead to the Sigh - and Andromeda’s cure. Tensions run high, lives are at stake, and familial bonds are tested as Lockie and the Hirtans prepare to make the ultimate sacrifice.Transcript
Detailed content warnings and links to support resources here
Content Warnings:
Sounds of suffering and illness
Discussions of chronic condition
Discussions of death
Explicit expression of cult beliefs
Major character deaths
Ritual sacrifice
Graphic descriptions of gore
General warning for cult indoctrination

Enjoy these short clips from our spot on The Witching Hour by EAPodcasts, featuring Neighbourly Podcast. You can find Neighbourly Pod at, and you can find EAPodcasts (which includes Podcastle, Pseudopod, Escape Pod and Cast of Wonders) at Thanks to these wonderful creators for asking us to guest!TranscriptListen to the full episode of The Witching Hour hereCONTENT WARNINGS:
Death and Dying: Mentioned drowning risk.
Unreality: Second person point of view, Fourth wall break.
SFX: Sounds of distress and discomfort, Sounds of physical violence, Frequent use of static.
Physical violence: Comedic threat.
Miscellaneous: Cult themes.

Here’s a little festive treat from us to you.TranscriptCONTENT WARNINGS:
Death and Dying: Body horror, Multiple murders, Eaten alive.
Physical violence: Blood, Teeth and claws, Animalistic violence, Hunting/Stalking.
Miscellaneous: Cult themes.

Alasdair Stuart as The Narrator. Smiling black and white headshot of white man with shaved head wearing glasses

Alasdair Stuart as The Narrator

Alan Burgon as Lockie. Serious black and white headshot of white man with short dark hair and beard stubble leaning on one hand

Alan Burgon as Lockie

Méabh de Brún as Andromeda. Serious black and white headshot of pale white woman with curly dark hair

Méabh de Brún as Andromeda

Erika Sanderson as Wee Mary. Smiling black and white headshot of white woman with shoulder-length wavy brown hair

Erika Sanderson as Wee Mary

Michelle Kelly as Niyathi. Serious black and white headshot of brown-skinned woman with long black hair

Michelle Kelly as Niyathi

Ben Meredith as Mathias. Serious black and white headshot of white man with short brown hair and a moustache

Ben Meredith as Mathias

Dean J Smith as Robbie. Smiling black and white headshot of white man with very short blonde hair.

Dean J. Smith as Robbie

Shogo Miyakita as Georgie. Smiling black and white headshot of asian man with shaved head and full beard.

Shogo Miyakita as Georgie

Sam Yeow as Angelique. Smiling black and white headshot of asian woman with long black hair looking over one shoulder

Sam Yeow as Angelique

Danila Battistini as Sacha. Serious black and white headshot of white man with mid-length curly dark hair and full beard

Danilo Battistini as Sacha

Amina Koroma as Amy. Smiling black and white headshot of black woman wearing a hijab

Amina Koroma as Amy

Axandre Oge as Preston. Smiling black and white headshot of black man with short afro-textured black hair

Axandre Oge as Preston

Marie Anello as Esther. Smiling black and white headshot of white woman with shoulder-length curly brown hair

Marie Anello as Esther

Andrew Gorman as Lockie's Da. Black and white headshot of a man with short dark hair wearing a hoodie.

Andrew Gorman as Lockie's Da

Sasha Sienna as Elder Grace. Black and white smiling headshot of a woman with fair hair and cat-eye glasses.

Sasha Sienna as Elder Grace

Rhys Lawton as Elder Findlay. Smiling black and white headshot of man with short dark hair wearing a white shirt.

Rhys Lawton as Elder Findlay

Sarah Golding as Elder Eli/Bessie. Smiling black and white headshot of a white woman with short blonde hair

Sarah Golding as Elder Eli/Bessie

Kirsty Woolven as Young Amy. Smiling black and white headshot of a young white woman with long brown hair and glasses

Kirsty Woolven as Young Amy

Marguerite Kenner as Mama Laveau. Black and white headshot of a white woman with long brown hair looking off to one side.

Marguerite Kenner as Mama Laveau

Sally Walker-Taylor as Jillian. Smiling black and white headshot of a white woman with fair hair.

Sally Walker-Taylor as Jillian

Oscar as Toast. Headshot of a black cat with white fur on his chest and big round eyes looking straight at the camera

Oscar as Toast

Created by Michael Ireland and Ross LaveryWritten by Naomi ClarkeDirected by Michael IrelandSeason one Sound Design by Tracy BarnettSeason two Sound Design by Will FoxSocial Media Manager Chloe HendryTheme by Shane Rutherfoord-JonesLogo Design by Scott McCartneyBusiness Manager Paddy GillenExecutive Producers:
Paddy Gillen
Ross Lavery
Michael Ireland
Naomi Clarke
This project was made possible by all of our amazing Kickstarter Backers who you can check out in the 'Thank You' SectionAdditional Kickstarter Exclusive Artwork by Elliot Birt, Dungeon Glitch and Kalgalen

Semi-transparent logo of a Scottish dagger with THE SECRET OF ST KILDA in grey and red text over it

Thank you to all the Kickstarter backers who made this show possible.

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Enjoy this incredible artwork by our faithful followers

Sepia-toned pencil drawing. Lockie looks in the mirror and asks Angelique how her hair always looks so good while she smiles smugly

Lockie and Angelique by Hero

Andromeda and Lockie seated with eyes closed holding hands. A spectral Lockie is attacked by a black, insect-like creature

Lockie's vision by @Delayed_Melody

Photo of embroidery hoop. The embroidery shows a woman's shoulder with a black mass with tendrils growing out

Emrboidery by Mango @AnnoyedBread

Digital painting of a man and a woman in warm clothes standing by the coast

Mathias and Andromeda by Merlin @kalgalen

Digital ink drawing of Mathias ranting to Georgie about Lockie. Mathias is shaking with rage while Georgie reassures him calmly

Mathias and Georgie by @Backwards_Chic

Black, white and red stylised designs featuring multiple quotes from the series, the snegg, a heart and dagger, soay sheep and broken bones with flowers growing from the breaks

TSOSK Quotes by Moth

totally official theme song by shogo miyakita

Colorful digital drawing of Mathias holding a t-shirt "Fish want me women fear me" while Hari and Lockie smile in the background

A gift for Mathias by @Sirensaviours

Close-up of a hand holding a very small orange and white needle felted cat

Needle felted Toast by Kirsty Woolven

A robed figure with goat skull head holds an ornate dagger. Red text reads it begins, as terrible things often do, with a knife

it begins by Moth

Andromeda kneeling next to Lockie and gripping his wrist. The wrist and her eyes glow red, Lockie looks concerned. Digital art.

Andromeda and Lockie by Darcy

Digital ink drawing of Andromeda strangling Lockie. The background shows her gaelic shouting in messy pencil style.

Andromeda and Lockie by @Backwards_Chic

Alto saxophone cover of theme music by Dusky Doit

Collection of digital head and shoulder portraits of the nine main characters. All very fashionable!

Character portraits by Pigeon @Delayed_Melody

Stained glass-style digital art of Andromeda on her knees with large white angel wings sprouting from her back

Andromeda by Merlin @kalgalen